Manual dplnum

Syntax Edit


Effect Edit

Tries to gues a number that is buried in the text.
Uses a set of heuristic rules which may work or not.
The idea is to extzract the number so that it can be used as a sorting value in the column of a DPL table output.

Example Edit

 {{#dplnum:this is 4711 a text with a number}}     returns:  4711
 {{#dplnum:well above 47 Mio. US$}}     returns:  47000000
 {{#dplnum:13 Mrd}}     returns:  13000000000
 {{#dplnum:it is 47,123 Mio}}     returns:  47123000
 {{#dplnum:it is 47.123,56}}     returns:  47123
 {{#dplnum:it is 47,000}}     returns:  47
 {{#dplnum:it is 4.13}}     returns:  413
 {{#dplnum:it is 4,13}}     returns:  4
 {{#dplnum:it is 0,13}}     returns:  0
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