Example 1Edit

This is what happens with a valid parameter:

Example 2Edit

This is what happens an invalid parameter:

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 2.3.0 : Warning: Wrong 'ordermethod' parameter: 'invalid'! Using default: 'titlewithoutnamespace'. Help: ordermethod= category | category,firstedit | category,lastedit | category,pagetouched | category,sortkey | categoryadd | firstedit | lastedit | none | pagesel | pagetouched | size | sortkey | title | titlewithoutnamespace | user | user,firstedit | user,lastedit.

Note that the list of valid parameters explicitly mentions that "counter" is valid.

Example 3Edit

This is what happens when someone decides they want to "retire" a parameter, but only removes the use in the SQL query, and doesn't bother to change the input validation and help text to reflect that the parameter is not longer valid.

AKA, a mistake a first-year student would do, and a mistake a first-year student would find during rudimentary bug-testing.

Example removed, because they've now fixed it, 20 days later.

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